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Gone Rogue Coaching  channels inspiration from the Wayfinder Life Coaching Program. This modality of coaching guides individuals to access the unique wisdom and innate wholeness that already resides within them.

Anika specializes in relationships: relationship with self, intimate relationships, and sharing yourself and your passions with your community.

If you can't wait to feel wildly alive or fall more deeply in love with yourself, your people, and your life, book your free exploratory session today and learn if one on one coaching with Anika is right for you!


Self Transformation

Forgiveness, Trust, Emotional Healing, Harnessing your Super Powers, An Inner Revolution, Confidence, Integrating the Facets of Self

Intimate Connection

A Deep Sense of Belonging, Sovereign Sexuality, Loving Boundaries, Uninhibited Eroticism, Authentic Communication, Healthy Romance

Passion & Creativity

A Purpose-Filled Life, Free Expression, Value Aligned Vocation, Recognition of the Worth of Your Work, Support & Rich Connection with Groups, Sharing your Gifts, Joyful Creativity

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Anika Spencer | San DIego, CA

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