Coaching with Anika

Go Rogue!

Gone Rogue Coaching channels inspiration from the Wayfinder Life Coaching Program. This modality of coaching guides individuals to access the unique wisdom and innate wholeness that already resides within them. If you know the answers dwell within, but struggle to hear, trust, and act on them, Gone Rogue Coaching can help you discover your wisdom and implement its guidance. When your truth and your life align, freedom, contentment, self trust, and paroxysms of joy are the common byproducts.

Discover and deepen your relationship with truth by working with Anika one on one! 

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Pricing and Logistics

Coaching sessions are 55 minutes and take place over the phone or live and in person.

First time clients are required to commit to five weekly sessions and receive a discounted rate of $375 for a five session package.

Individual sessions are offered for $125  per session. 

Packages and coaching plans are tailored to the individual.


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