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Taste The Rainbow

When I was a wee one I used to plant skittles in our backyard. At the time, skittles had launched a commercial where a disgruntled looking individual planted skittles in a field. Then those sugary seeds exploded, creating a rainbow that showered the earth with candy. The brand spoke to my psyche when it whispered their parting catch phrase: “Taste the Rainbow!” I imagine you too have a desire to taste and experience the exploding magic of this world. It’s also my belief that you can. Perhaps you’re not going to plant skittles then see a rainbow explode out of the dirt. Rainbows are pretty rad without the candy. Then again, if it’s your heart’s desire, during the next available phenomenon I’d

From Fucked to Free

By my best estimate, I’d been sitting on the toilet seat with my fingertips pressed into my eye sockets for twenty minutes. I stood up, flushed ritualistically, and washed by trembling hands in my brother’s sink. The sink had been decorated with the sparkly blue toothpaste only used by children and glitter ponies. I looked into my red-rimmed eyes and begged the being that lived inside my body to stop revolting with tears. I wished for guts that weren’t planning a mutiny and threatening evacuation. I wanted to be teleported out of this bathroom, out of this body, and into a universe where I didn’t have to follow through on the decision I’d made a few weeks earlier. Follow through is a bitch.

Spontaneous Exorcisms

The silver sedan lunged from the alley and slammed into Laverne’s flank. Laverne, my 2003 Buick Century earned her name through her appearance and her previous owner. This tan, boat-ride of comfort looked like she belonged to my grandmother. The name “Shirley” was scrawled just above mine on the Buick’s pink slip of possession. This T-bone landed Laverne in her automobile grave. Rest in Peace, Laverne. Laverne guzzled gas and drove like a load of bricks. Perhaps it was her big ass booty of a trunk space. It may have been the emotional baggage that I’d piled into the backseat. My ex boyfriend bought Laverne to replace Sparticus, the silver corolla he totaled in a drunk driving accident. Intri


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